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Australia’s leading industry association established to assist members to optimise their organisation’s data management, security and capability to gain a competitive edge and engender consumer trust by respecting consumer privacy and dignity.

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Member Benefits

Build consumer trust

Provide evidence of your leading practice in data governance, privacy and protection policies to build consumer trust and protect their privacy and dignity.

Protect financial and reputation status

Ensure that your organisation has adequate embedded processes to mitigate against data-related risks, such as notifiable breaches, that have financial and reputation implications.

Prepare for the future of data

Learn about global and local developments in data regulation (e.g. GDPR) and opportunities (e.g. AI) so that your organisation can remain innovative, compliant and competitive.

Be an employer of choice

Provide your employees with basic data literacy (and more advanced) courses so that they can protect and optimise data for their roles - and play a part in the Digital Era.

Access the brightest minds

Attend private boardroom events featuring local and international leaders in data governance, digital transformation, cybersecurity, consumer privacy, ethics, AI...

Develop your skills & personal brand

Colleague with your peers from other organisations to continuously develop your skills and ability to positively contribute to all stakeholders in your organisation.

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